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Scenes: 5

Time: 132 min

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Description: Sailor Boys Do It Bareback is an attractive British twinkfest set in and around Greenwich in which sailor boy meets boy, and they retire somewhere private for a game of hide-the-salami! Two white-clad young sailors are minding their own business when a young officer accosts them. He wants to inspect their cocks! Once indoors, he forces them to whip out their mizzen masts - and a threeway sucking and fucking frenzy ensues! In the next scene, a sailor is at a loose end having just come ashore. A jean-wearing young pretty-boy picks him up, and they go home for a long rimming session - including sixty-nine - before the seducer gets a good anal shagging, legs in the air! A sailor lumbered with swabbing out the showers sneaks a crafty fag - but unluckily for him (or is it luckily?) his fag of a watch officer spots him. Using the mop as a disciplinary tool, the officer forces the able-bodied seaman to part with his semen! Two tars on shore leave behave like tarts, fucking each other in a hotel room (and they keep their sailor hats on!) The final scene involves a tender snog between a dark-haired boy and his blonde twink lover - before they get down to some serious shagging! All bareback, and all British!

Starring: , , , , , , ,

Niches: Bareback , Big Cock , Cumshot , European , Threesome , Twink , Uncut , Uniforms

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