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Blackwolf Entertainment

Scenes: 3

Time: 65 min

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Description: Director Blade Thompson has captured the excitement of a triple X talent scouting outing! The action centers around South Beach, the infamous hunk infested crusing area of Miami Beach, Florida. First, Blade invites the incredibly handsome, blonde-haired, blue-eyes Zak Pierce to be his next X-rated superstar. To prove his worthiness, Zak much pick up a guy on the beach and handles his assignment with innocent ease. Zak talks bleached blonde Mason Jennings into topping him in front of Blade's camera, a pairing of true on-camera chemistry!! Next, Blade meets Brian Cox in front of a video store. Brian quickly proves that he will do what is needed to get into Blade's movies. He picks Tim Bailey up among the video racks and leads him into the back room for a plowing before the store clerk can stop them, Then, Zak is back for another welcomed appearance in the flick. He cruises the beach with Blade and picks up Gino who says yes (of course!) to being in a porno movie with Zack! Zak exhibits versatility as he expertly tops the uncut brunette bottom. Finally, Kyle Madisson is ready to be in the movies and shows us he's made of the right stuff! He plucks male-stripper Brandon directly off the dance stage and heads for the business office to the strip club where he tops him on the casting couch!


Niches: Black-Ebony , Cumshot , Fetish , Interracial

Scene 1 | 24 MIN

NICHES: Black-Ebony , Cumshot

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Scene 2 | 24 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Fetish , Interracial

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Scene 3 | 17 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Interracial

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