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Scenes: 4

Time: 83 min

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Description: In THE 13TH STEP, Tony West exchanges his addiction to drinking for an addiction to sex! First, Tony gets thrown out of his favorite bar, then comes home to find he's been evicted from his apartment as well. His neighbor Paul Morgan finds Tony sleeping it off in the corridor outside his front door and takes him in. After sizing up Tony's plight, Paul comes out as a recovering alcoholic and convinces him to join him at a meeting where they help people kick their habits with something called The Twelve Step Program. A grateful Tony then comes on to Paul who should know better than to take THE 13TH STEP as it is known in the parlance - having sex with a newcomer who is in a vulnerable state. Afterwards, Paul calls his sponsor John Marcus to confide in him about what has transpired. John predicts disaster but the deed is done. John hangs up to top his lover Chaz Carlton. Next, Tony and Paul attend a meeting, then after the meeting breaks up, Sweet Williams and Trent West stay after hours to use the meeting room as their personal sex pit. Next, Paul invites Tony to sleep with him again, but Tony turns him down to join Justin Case and Tanner Reeves for a wild 3-way. When Tony doesn't come home, Paul gets depressed and resorts to self-medication by downing a full glass of Stoli!

Starring: , , , , , , , ,

Niches: Cumshot , Hand Job , Masturbation , Threesome

Scene 1 | 25 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Masturbation

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Scene 2 | 17 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot

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Scene 3 | 19 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Hand Job

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Scene 4 | 22 MIN

NICHES: Masturbation , Threesome

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