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Scenes: 4

Time: 78 min

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Description: In A PARTY IN MY PANTS, 9 ready-to-party models invite you to come! First, Jason R. Love watches a porn movie where Carl wakes up Vito Marchelli in a very friendly way. Jason pops his top watching Carl top Vito. Next, Ryan MacAllen is back from his starring role in Conor Murphy's first Canadian hit, MALE CALL. Ryan dozes off fishing and wakes up to discover it's night time. He's almost missed the party at his friend Maverick Malibu's house. Ryan runs through the neighborhood and arrives at the party to see that it's already begun without him. First, Ryan opens a door to a bedroom and finds Fabritzio and Justin Small blowing each like the friends they are. Then, Ryan discovers Carl joining Patrick and Matthew Thomas for a 3-way on the sofa in the den. Finally, Ryan tracks down his host Maverick. Maverick has saved Ryan's party favor and gives it to him in the rear!

Starring: , , , ,

Niches: Big Cock , Cumshot , Gonzo , Hand Job , Masturbation , Threesome , Voyeur

Scene 1 | 24 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Masturbation , Voyeur

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Scene 2 | 18 MIN

NICHES: Big Cock , Cumshot , Gonzo , Masturbation

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Scene 3 | 13 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Hand Job , Threesome

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Scene 4 | 23 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Masturbation

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