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Scenes: 2

Time: 59 min

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Description: In First Seduction, gay guys learn they can seduce straight guys because, as it turns out, a mouth is really a mouth and a hole is after all a hole! First, Nabil Bullick peeps at Cedrick Remy polishing his tool while looking at a girly mag in a drafty outhouse in the woods. Nabil reveals himself and Cedrick resists him at first then relents and lets him watch him stroke, then even allows him to touch it then finally lets him suck it. Cedrick gets into it and tops Nabil on a handy picnic blanket in the adjoining sunny meadow. Seeing how much Nabil likes to take it up the butt! Cedrick switches places and Nabil gets his turn on top. Next, Kevin Richard and Luke Loader stroll in the woods and come upon David Shue trimming shrubs and Ken Dumoulin riding a tractor. Kevin and Luke split ranks to compete at which of them will land their straight prey first. After some daisy chain action and a well executed 3-way sandwich. Ken tops David! Alexi Ferron hikes through the woods and stumbles across Alain Dupont who's hammering nails into wood at a construction site. Alain puts his hammer down to let Alexi nail his butt instead!

Starring: , , ,

Niches: Cumshot , Hardcore , Orgy-Group

Scene 1 | 22 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Hardcore

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Scene 2 | 37 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Hardcore , Orgy-Group

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