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Time: 28 min

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Description: In Dive For It Part 2, Morasse Lake, Eastern European men continue to frequent the secluded alcoves of Deep Lake to dive for what's in each other's swim trunks and get it on together! First, Zdenek Valenta and Rostislav Olchava rent a paddleboat and cruise around the lake on a sunny day. They continue until they find just the right spot for Zdenek to top Rostilav. Then, Martin Carbol and Vit Pokorny take a small boat and Vit tops Martin right out in the open on the water. Next, Ivan Plop rescues Kamil Kratky and Kamil tops him gratitude, and finally, Kamil Broza searches David Herzeg's butt with his dick for contraband back at headquarters!

Starring: , , ,

Niches: Cumshot , Hardcore , Outdoor

Scene 1 | 28 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Hardcore , Outdoor

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