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Scenes: 4

Time: 95 min

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Description: Chad Calvin is an American tourist who spends three weeks in Rio de Janeiro. A man of few words, Chad nevertheless has no trouble communicating across language barriers, as he meets one Brazilian stud after another. He discovers that Rio is a sex-crazed city famous for its Carnival festival, and its hot, sexy, dark boys, willing to have hard-core sex at every opportunity. By the end of his journey, his cock has been sucked and his ass has been fucked by one hottie after another, some returning several times for more. His apartment practically becomes a temporary bath-house, as his muscular and smooth boyfriends enjoy their sex sessions in the shower, in the hot-tub, on his bed, and on his couch. By the time Chad leaves Rio, every inch of his apartment has seen a steamy sex scene, just as every inch of his cock has been sucked dry.Scene 1:Day ten: It s a rainy day in Rio on day ten. From his balcony, Chad notices a hot soccer boy on the street and invites him up to play. Antonio's dreamy long eyelashes and youthful face suggest innocence. Chad follows Antonio's love trail all the way down to his smooth thick cock and begins to caress it with his eager mouth. We then see Antonio beating his own meat while sucking Chad's dick, shattering the innocent image of earlier. They end up in the shower together playing with each other's hard cocks. More sucking follows until they towel off and then Chad finally gets rammed by Antonio's engorged purple man-pole.Scene 2:Day eleven: Reading his guidebook on his hammock, Chad is interrupted on day eleven by Thomas, who asks for the key to his apartment so he can play with Alvaro, a hot military boy with a perfect chest and torso. Thomas seduces Alvaro with his pretty-boy charm as their clothing is stripped away. Alvaro knows what he wants, to fuck Thomas' mouth first, then to ram it into Thomas' hairless boy-hole. Alvaro pounds his temporary slave boy as Thomas moans for more. Alvaro watches himself fuck Thomas in the bathroom mirror, turning himself on to the point of orgasm. The last scene shows the result gobs of white man-cum all over Thomas' hole.Scene 3:Day twelve: After a jog along the beach, Antonio goes to Chad's apartment to shower off. After the shower, Antonio watches Chad erotically eating an orange which is too much for the horny tattooed hunk to handle. They begin their lovemaking with nipple licking and caring touches until Chad eats Antonio's cock, savoring the taste as if licking a thick chocolate ice-cream bar. Soon it is Chad's turn to get a sensual tongue bath from Antonio, who then sizes up Chad's ass before he shoves it in and starts to pound away until they both climax.Scene 4;Day thirteen: Still trying to fix his sink, Chad hires another plumber on day thirteen of his adventure in Rio de Janeiro. The plumber happens to make a visit during a get-together of four of Chad's Brazilian friends. They playfully feed each other at the breakfast table, which turns into a make-out session, while the frustrated plumber continues to work on the sink in the bathroom. The paired-off boys move to the couch, where their clothes are slowly removed. One of the most erotic scenes is when Thomas gets his butt fingered by his partner in preparation for the inevitable fuck-session, which comes later. When the plumber suddenly catches all four of them, the awkwardness turns erotic once again, as he unzips his uniform and shoves his cock into Chad's wide mouth. The daisy chain continues as they take turns sucking the plumber's dick while Thomas gets willingly fucked on the other side of the room. The fuck-scene is so intense that the three others watch the fuck-show from the couch until Thomas and Leon blissfully spill their juice. Chad then gets plowed forcefully by the plumber until he comes. With one more Brazilian boy to please, Chad then licks the ass of Rodrigo before he gets rammed into orgasm.

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Niches: Cumshot , Fetish , Orgy-Group , Twink

Scene 1 | 21 MIN

NICHES: Twink , Cumshot

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Scene 2 | 17 MIN

NICHES: Twink , Cumshot , Fetish

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Scene 3 | 20 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot

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Scene 4 | 37 MIN

NICHES: Twink , Cumshot , Orgy-Group

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