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Scenes: 5

Time: 97 min

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Description: Director Robert Prion's models always ACCESS ALL AREAS while having hot sex. First, we have Prion regular Jay Richards seeing hunky star Scott Spears materializing along a highway at several different locations, Jay finally grabs Scott, before he disappears once again and starts sucking on his 9-inch beer-can thick cock. Soon, the guys are all over each other taking turns rimming and fucking. They both shoot loads that have to be seen to be believed. Cole Ryder is busy making drinks to impress newcummer Jake Holiday, but Jake has other ideas, especially getting into Coles pants, which he soon does. Cole can't get enough of Jake's smooth, round butt. Cole soon plows it, before Jake does the same to Cole. Sebastian Jaymz and Tony Serrano are sitting around talking about what happened to Jay earlier, when Scott Spears materializes in front of them. They both grab Scott and tear his clothes off, before sucking on his big wang. Scott and Sebastian take turns fucking the hell out of Tony's waiting manhole. Newcummer Jeff Westin wants Wicked to be his new pledge for school, and puts him through the entire ritual sexually, first by sucking and rimming him, then fucking Wicked for all its worth. Finally, we have newcummers sexy Brandon Aguilar and cute Brennan Casey walking in on Chett Addams, who fell asleep jerking off. Both guys decide to finish the job for Chett, who couldn't be happier. Soon, the guys are all over each other sucking every cock in sight, before Brennan fucks Brandon. Then, Brennan sits on Chett's long man-pole and rides him like a cowboy, before Chett gets into Brandon's hot hole. They each shoot at the same time completely covering Brandon's chest. Director Robert Prion has made another masterpiece.

Starring: , ,

Niches: Cumshot , Fetish , Threesome , Twink

Scene 1 | 25 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Fetish

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Scene 2 | 13 MIN

NICHES: Twink , Cumshot

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Scene 3 | 19 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Fetish , Threesome

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Scene 4 | 16 MIN

NICHES: Twink , Cumshot

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Scene 5 | 24 MIN

NICHES: Cumshot , Threesome

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